Worrying Signals on the continent

1. African Leaders planning to change their Constitutions – motivated by Selfish interests

2. African Leaders being manipulated by former Colonizers – to humiliate their people

3. African Leaders being directed by Foreign Interests – to siphon out national resources

4. African Governments destroying their God-given Environments – and leaving the future hopeless

5. African Governments lowering Standards of Education – to close the future to their youth

6. African Governments with NO PLANS for preserving and conserving their Heritage – by starving their museums, heritage sites, research and folktales

7. African Leaders exploiting and hiding behind the RULE-OF-LAW and their CONSTITUTION to cover up Corruption, allowing Lack of Transparency and Nepotism

8. African Leaders not committed to a United Africa – on empty nationalistic agendas.

Some of these actions or inactions IMPOVERISH the majority of the people and cause social tension, hopelessness, and even cause premature DEATH worse than open murder.

And don’t let us say the other Government or Leader also did it…..and therefore…..

What is wrong is wrong; what is harmful to society is harmful; what is sickening is sickening ! Our Future is secured if our Plans and Policies INVOLVE and BENEFIT majority of the people, and not just a minority few. Let’s remember: it is not Leaders or Governments who write History; it is THE PEOPLE !!!

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